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I created this page in hopes of making the booking process a little less daunting for those here for the first time. There are detailed packages below to choose from. I hope it helps. So excited to see you in my chair!

I can't wait to meet you, gorgeous!!

Service packages (go straight to booking site for additional menu)

All appointment requests need to be accompanied by a brief color history, photo of current hair, & an inspiration photo (an idea of what your goal is). I will look over the details & make sure we have the appropriate amount of time booked before accepting your appt request. 



Essential session/ 
Full head


Full Glam/ max blonding

This time block is for guests that are already  light, are needing slight adjustments in dimension, depth, & tone, or are wanting one color all over. This would also work for a  partial highlight or a partial & a root retouch (grey hairs). This is not a commonly booked block of time. Please don't attempt to schedule this when you really need a full foil (Essential or Specialty) as we will not be able to move forward.

Includes full consultation, product recommendations, & blow-dry/style. 2.5 hrs $160.00+ 

*long, thick hair requiring extra product/time will be additional cost. 

 This block of time is the most frequently booked as it fits the majority of needs or budgets.  This is for ANYONE (new & existing guests) wanting a change in either lightness, depth, dimension, or overall tone. Includes full consultation & plan for your hair including product recommendations, 3 ozs of lightener or color (extra is additional cost), bond building treatment, toner/gloss, root smudge to blur foil lines or give a rooty look if desired, & blow-dry/style. This is the package to start with when beginning your journey to Pinterest worthy hair. Sessions MAY be required to achieve your end goal but regardless you'll leave my chair ready for an IG photoshoot!  3.5 hours $235

Max blonding or significant change.Choose this block of time if you are wanting to be significantly lighter or darker (but not all over 1 color), want fashion colors, have layers of color or multiple bands from previous lightening, etc. Anyone wanting a substantial change in 1 session (rather than over multiple sessions) with very long/thick hair or anyone with extreme situations such as breakage & fragile hair needing a very personalized approach will need to book this time block . 5 hrs $335+

Color corrections

Booking tips...additional info


This is for those double & triple process situations, requiring tons of brainpower, experience, & time. If you have colored your hair at home & now want a big change, have multiple colors on top of gray hair & now wanting to just be gray, have previous highlights & now want to be an all over platinum, have a couple inches of growout on a previous all over bleach, etc, this is what you'll need to book to get your hair "corrected". I use a color removal process before even beginning a lightening service when color is in the way of your desire to be lighter. If you want to be gray you will need to be pale blond first. I charge hourly for these appointments as there are multiple processes happening & I can't always predict what the next step will be. Corrections are very complicated & I need to be able to do what needs done, whatever it is for the specific situation.

5hrs+ 100/hr

When choosing the essential as an existing guest if you have really thick or extra long hair that you know typically takes a little longer please add the "extra time" to your appt to really ensure we have the time needed for you. If you're a new guest & have a lot to discuss or feel like your hair typically takes longer or you think we will need to discuss options & take some extra time please add that additional 30 mins. It can really be helpful for bigger jobs! I don't accept haircut only appts online or new guests for that service only. 

If you're ready to book you can click below to head to my booking site..

click here to book

A consultation is required for all new extension guests. Amount of hair needed will be determined by the difference in your own length & length desired as well as your natural density. If you already have extensions & are looking for a new stylist for maintenance but don't need new hair please send a request with photos. See above. 

Installation price only: (cost of hair not included)

Beaded row/handtied

                                $250 one row

                                 350 two rows

                                 400 three rows

Removal beaded row: $30

                                Tape ins


Removal: Tape ins: $100


Please allow 24 hours for me to respond to appt. requests. I'm a 1 person show & some days I'm booked 12 hours behind the chair & take a little longer to respond. If you are experienced enough to know you don't need a correction then go ahead & just send an appt request straight from my booking site. But if you have been doing your hair at home or have had your hair messed up & need it fixed please do send those pics over. Thank you so much. I truly live for your hair & am super excited to have you in my chair. 

lots of love, Robyn


Hot & cold beverages (wine, ciders, beer, soda, water, coffee & tea)

Tablet for magazine or web browsing


Charging ports


Large personal space (not right next to someone else)

Lunch provided for appts longer than 5 hours

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