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"When you find someone that just gets it"

My vision


The million dollar question: Why did I become a hairstylist?! Welp! I can't remember ever thinking of anything else. I just knew it would be my life. The industry was/IS life! 

I believe hair has the ability to transform lives. It offers the confidence to not just accept but to take that life changing leap. It's a big statement, I know this, but big decisions that require confidence can begin with our hair. Have you ever seen a woman scorned with a new 'do?  Britney Spears ring a bell? Ya, you can't tell me hair isn't powerful. It deserves respect for sure. No mediocre, ok, average, settle for whatever here. I'm not average & I'm gonna guess if you're here, neither are you. I'm always striving for more, to be better, to give you better. 

I've been in this industry since I was 18, single & pregnant w/ my now 25 yr old son. Because of the pregnancy & timing I only got licensed in nails & aesthetics, spending the better part of 20 years only doing nails inside the salon & hair outside of it. Tsk tsk!! I was always the go to girl for all things hair & curls well before I was licensed. Even the stylists I worked with often came to me for hair related help, formulas, techniques, assistance with weddings etc. Hair has always had my heart. In 2016 life found me able to go back to the same school I attended in 1994 to get that hair license & a new title on my cards. I was finally legit. Thats me!! Too legit to quit!!! 

When I'm not behind the chair I can be found soaking up education on business or new hair techniques. It never stops. I'm always wanting to know more so I can bring  you the best of me. I take breaks occasionally & that's when I may make it to the gym (do you even squat!?), hit Target or Marshall's, turn on reality TV (House Hunters or RHOC), or fall asleep 10 mins into the movie I spent an hour choosing. Gah! My 2 yr old grandson spends the night occasionally & I need a week to recover! (You young mamas are superstars) I moved myself & my business to Albany from Eugene for my 6 yr old bonus son, my bestie. (he's my bff, if that tells ya anything about my maturity level!!)

Doing hair allows me to use my creative yet intellectual (far reaching but trying to sell myself here! haha) mind to bring out the beauty & strength in my guests. Where there is beauty there is power. I want you empowered by your own strengths & qualities. Self-confidence is the key to recognizing what's within yourself. I am equipped to listen to what you say & discern what you can't. I will ask the questions to determine what you're looking for, even if you don't necessarily know. My attention to detail & ability to effectively listen are the points of difference that set me apart from an average stylist. I'm here for you, ready to listen!


My mission

To provide a place for you to come believing your individual needs will be heard & met. A place you feel peace and trust. A place to laugh, cry, sit in silence, talk about all the things, feed the soul, bare the soul, whatever it takes for you to feel empowered & beautiful when you leave my chair. And let's not forget having your hair look amazeballs too!!

"Well, I may have cried a little. With everything going on in my world Robyn made me feel amazing today! I have never said to a stylist to just do it until I met my rockstar! She listens to you & makes it happen. Or she says nope & this is why we can't. She truly knows how to make the magic. I am so lucky to have her in my corner

— Jenni color & extension guest

"I'm SOOO in love! I appreciate you taking the time to change my life! I will never go to another person to get my hair done!! Words can't describe how happy I am with the results! Robyn, you are phenomenal

—Emmy balayage & cut

"Is it weird if you fall in love with your hairdresser?!!

— Elisha color & extensions

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