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Full foil/balayage

Full head foils or open air painting to achieve desired results. This can be used with lightener or color or combination. 

Single palette color

Root retouch or all over color starting at

$90 for roots only-

$130 all over. 

See booking site for  more details

Added in some rich dimesion & a darker r
Partial foil/balayage

Partial maintenance foil. for existing guests only. Crown & hairline only. Starting at


See booking site for details

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!! I

I no longer allow online booking of these services as well as  any new guests for these services alone. Haircuts will be accepted only when  added to an existing color or extension service. Please don't try circumventing my system to allow booking of a haircut. I don't accept the appt.


Tape in: removal $100

installation $50/ pack

Beaded row :(commonly referred to as hand tied) $250 first row w/ each additional $100 per row. *does not include cost of hair

Service menu

This is a very minimal list at this time as my service descriptions as well as pricing guidelines can be found on my actual booking site. I plan to create a more detailed menu but for now this is here for an estimate. If you're a new client then choose the new client option on Square when you book. That should give us enough time. If you need a correction (a complete change) or an exact price before booking then I suggest booking a consultation. We can also do a virtual consultation where you send me 3 photos of your hair now & an inspiration photo.Some looks may take multiple sessions to achieve. Please understand that it is very likely we won't achieve your goal at the first appointment, it will be closer for sure but depending on many factors its common to have greater results with session 2 & 3. I got you though! 

Thank you! Hope to see you soon!! 


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